Posted by: scootrah | June 17, 2014

PB and Bacon Sandwich “a la Josh”

Although I can say I’ve been a fan of bacon for as long as I can remember, I’m still kind of new to the “bacon with everything else” food trend of the last few years. I’ve had a number of delicious maple and bacon things recently like caramels, donuts and waffles, as well as a couple of flops – most notably a maple/bacon bundt cake I tried to create earlier this year as part of “Bundt Fest”. But even with less-than-great bacon, it’s still BACON, so it wasn’t all bad – you know what I mean?

Life's better with BACON!

Life’s better with BACON!

In spite of my bacon experimenting, I hadn’t yet jumped onto the peanut butter and bacon concept until I read a post on Facebook from my friend Josh. His post went something like this: Over the years sandwiches have been a favorite food of mine and I have dabbled in things which I dare not discuss in public forums. Some were epic masterpieces of cheesy deliciousness and some were horrific failures beyond anything I could have imagined. Today I brought back an old favorite – bacon and peanut butter on un-toasted sourdough – don’t judge. Instead of just leaving delicious things as they lay, my fat kid brain kicked in and said to me, “Fry that bitch in some bacon grease!” And so Josh got me wondering, “Am I finally ready to embrace this new and mysterious world of bacon and PB?” And the answer was, YES!

So first I got some great, thick cut bacon and fried it crispy. This is an important step because limp, greasy bacon with the slight greasiness of peanut butter would be gross (do you like the way I’m building up a case in favor of this concoction?). Then I poured out the bacon grease and wiped the pan clean of any dark crumblets. I used a pastry brush to lightly coat two slices of sourdough bread with the bacon grease and returned them to the pan to toast. I added creamy peanut butter and the bacon slices, then tasted my sample. There was something lacking.

Remembering a sandwich staple from my own childhood – PB & lettuce – I thought that might be the perfect addition I needed. AND it made me feel a little less guilty about all that bacon since I was adding vegetables to the sandwich. I didn’t have any lettuce on hand, but I did have arugula, and eureka – it was a taste sensation! The arugula added crunchiness, a nice peppery bite (which you could probably get with pepper bacon), and with my good-for-you wellness slant on this, the healthy vegetable part of the meal. I have to agree with Josh that sourdough is the right bread for this – sturdy enough to hold up to toasting but not enough distinct flavor to compete with the PB and bacon.

I’ve decided this sandwich will be getting a revival very soon, and the second try will have me using regular lettuce, probably romaine, in place of the arugula. And now that I’ve dipped my toe into the waters of PB & bacon, I think the addition of bananas won’t be far behind. Yes, the spirit of Elvis is alive and well in my kitchen.


Start with some good, thick bacon and fry it up nice and crisp…

...wipe out the pan, then brush your bread with a little bacon grease and return to the pan to toast...

…wipe out the pan, then brush your bread with a little bacon grease and return to the pan to toast…

...spread peanut butter on each slice of bread in the pan...

…spread peanut butter on each slice of bread in the pan…

...add your bacon...

…add your bacon…

...then some fresh arugula (or lettuce or maybe bananas?)...

…then some fresh arugula (or lettuce or maybe bananas?)…

...and you're ready to enjoy a PB & Bacon "a la Josh" sandwich!

…and you’re ready to enjoy a PB & Bacon “a la Josh” sandwich!






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