Posted by: scootrah | August 27, 2014

The best canned Biscuit you can buy

Usually I don’t endorse “pre-made”, packaged foods because the stuff is generally loaded with too many chemicals, salt and fat, and I’d rather just make it myself which I think tastes better anyway. But those things are easy and convenient! And every once in awhile, I pick something up for speed or to test out a recipe somebody sends me.IMG_7316

I was pleasantly surprised to find IMMACULATE BUTTERMILK BISCUITS a couple weeks back at Grocery Outlet. I’d never seen these refrigerated biscuits at the stores I usually shop at, and since hey were only a buck, I picked a couple of cans up to use as a “cheater crust” for the top of a chicken pot pie I was making. What a find! These things are freaking DELICIOUS, and as I started reading the label, realized they’re way better than the brands available at the grocery stores I usually shop at.

First off – NO GMOs – hooray! As far as I’m concerned with health for people and the planet, the fewer GMOs in this world, the better. There’s also no bleached flour, no preservatives and NO HYDROGENATED OILS – another big hooray! My partner Rolland had two open-heart surgeries a few years back, and the first couple months of recovery his cardiac surgeon said :Don’t be too concerned about trying to eat low fat right now, just don’t eat ANYTHING with hydrogenated oil!” It’s nasty stuff.IMG_7415

So about the biscuits – light, fluffy and they baked up to a beautiful golden brown, and the taste was SUPERIOR. I have to say that the biscuits were being eaten off of the chicken pot pie with requests for “more biscuits!” long before the pie filling itself was eaten. These reminded me of a home-made biscuit rather than that canned, store-bought taste. Although I’ve not seen them pop up in my usual grocery store yet, whenever I swing by Grocery Outlet I pick them up if they’re available – delicious!

If you're not a fan of canned biscuits, I swear these will change your mind - delicious!

If you’re not a fan of canned biscuits, I swear these will change your mind – delicious!

And I have no connection or affiliation with Immaculate Baking Company, but I checked out their website and I think their mission is pretty great. They say they are working to change the canned, refrigerated dough market and I believe it – lots of interesting offerings way beyond the dough boy such as blueberry biscuits and cinnamon scones. They offer pie crusts and lots of different cookies too, and they’re now working with the NON GMO Project to get all their products verified, they use organic ingredients and offer gluten-free options as well. Check them out, and if you see a can of those red biscuits, grab it and see for yourself!





  1. Thanks Scott…looks like they are widely available in Detroit Metro area…will have to try them!


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