Posted by: scootrah | September 17, 2014

Pineapple Cole Slaw

My last post was about my first-ever cooking demo at the WASHINGTON STATE FAIR – it was so much fun, I met a lot of great people and got so much positive feedback from everyone tasting the samples. Thanks to those of you who’ve read my blog and came up to introduce yourselves – what a treat! For those who couldn’t make it, I had a Tailgating/Football party theme and served up my “Grilled Stuffed Sidewinder Hot Dogs” along with Pineapple Cole Slaw and two different snack mixes based on the standard Chex Mix. People really seemed crazy about the cole slaw – it’s so easy to put together, has a bright, fresh taste, and is perfect to serve alongside, or better yet, ON your Sidewinder. And since you’ve already got the instructions on how to make those delicious stuffed dogs, you need to know how to top it!

I’m not one of those chefs that believe every single thing has to be prepped by hand. Especially when you’ve got company, you don’t need to be in the kitchen when the rest of your guests are there to have fun. This recipe takes advantage of the fact that bags of shredded cole slaw mix are readily available at your grocery store, and for only A DOLLAR or so, you’re going to save lots of time shredding cabbage for this recipe (Now if you have a garden full of cabbage you’re trying to figure out what to do with this time of year, you might need to shred your own…).

Here’s all you’re going to need:

Shredded cabbage, parsley, rice vinegar, parsley, crushed pineapple and toasted sunflower seeds are the ingredients you'll need...

Shredded cabbage, parsley, unseasoned rice vinegar, parsley, crushed pineapple and toasted sunflower seeds are your ingredients…

So here we go – I start with a 14 oz. bag of tri-color, cole slaw shreds and dump it into a big bowl…

IMG_7936, tri color cole slaw

…now we’re going to add some fresh parsley. It really seems to brighten the flavor of the dish, and the color looks so great with the carrots and cabbage. AND, parsley is so good for you –  it’s loaded with vitamins, has amazing detoxifying properties and is an antioxidant. See you’re serving your guests HEALTH FOOD and they don’t even have to know it! So roughly chop a bunch of parsley and add about 1 1/2 cups chopped to your bowl…

IMG_7777, parsley, pineapple cole slaw

…now we’re going to sprinkle a couple tablespoons of unseasoned rice vinegar over it all. It’s a little sweeter than other vinegars and has the tang without the bite. If you like more zing, then use white or cider vinegar. Toss the vegetables with the vinegar…

IMG_7938, rice vinegar, pineapple cole slaw

…next add your well-drained pineapple…

IMG_7939, crushed pineapple, pineapple cole slaw

…then our “secret ingredient” – refrigerated cole slaw dressing! Now you can use your favorite home-made dressing (and I have a great one if you click here), but there are some really delicious versions ready right at the store, so go ahead and save yourself a bit of time but letting somebody else do the work. I use Litehouse or Marie’s brand, and you’ll want about a half cup…

IMG_7940, cole slaw dressing, pineapple cole slaw

…then your toasted sunflower seeds – toast them over a medium low heat on the stove for about 10 minutes – give them a shake every couple minutes until lightly browned and you can just start to smell them…



toasted sunflower seeds, pineapple cole slaw


…toss it all together and refrigerate it half an hour or more before serving – that’s it! So easy, quick and you will really be surprised how delicious it is to add the pineapple and sunflower seeds.

IMG_7781, pineapple cole slaw

Now you’re ready to serve it with your Sidewinders – if you choose the “with” version, which I highly recommend, just think of it as a special tailgating pulled pork sandwich.

So tailgate away – at home in front of the big screen or in the parking lot before the game – and surprise your guests with your amazing culinary versatility. And stay tuned for the Chex snack mixes to munch on during the game –

– The Washington State Fair runs through Sunday, September 21st in Puyallup – 



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