Posted by: scootrah | November 18, 2014

Make it Easy on Yourself Thanksgiving – Tip #2

Copeland Plate No. 2You confirmed your guest list, right? Now that you know who’s going to be at the table, you need to shop, so get your menu out and make your grocery list. Grocery stores will be less crowded this week, so stock up on non-perishable food items you’ll need – sugar, flour, butter, canned goods such as pumpkin, evaporated milk, etc. Check your supply of foil, parchment paper, cooking spray, and consider picking up some of those inexpensive disposable containers for guests to take home leftovers with (they’re recyclable!).

You can also pick up your frozen turkey – you should have a better selection of sizes if you get it now rather than waiting until the weekend. And don’t forget candles for the table and buffet – but choose unscented candles – you don’t want a strong candle to overwhelm the delicious smells coming from your kitchen!


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