Posted by: scootrah | March 9, 2015

Ready to be a better cook?

cake and apronI love learning new things about cooking and discovering easier/better ways to do things and save time in the kitchen. So I was very happy to come across a web page from the editors of Epicurious, called “57 Things You Can Do to Be a Better Cook Right Now”. I liked it because I already do lots of things on it so I had that “Oh, I’m so smart!” feeling, and secondly, there were so many new ideas to pick up, and better yet, SHARE!

On their list that I’m already a fan of are using parchment paper, putting a damp towel under a cutting board to keep it from sliding around(one of the first things I teach private cooking clients) and getting knives professionally sharpened, which I’m always preaching you do BEFORE the holiday cooking season, or at least before a big dinner where you might be carving a ham, roast or bird at the table.

A couple of new things I spotted that I’m adding to my own “Kitchen 101” list, are caramelizing extra onions, doubling the batch of brown rice I make and mastering quick pickles (because I LOVE pickles).

Check out all 57 great ideas here:

then let me know, So many other great hints and reminders on this list – what are some favorites that you already do or are going to try?




  1. You are right! This IS helpful! Yes, I got the Smart feeling too, especially when I read, ¨Write in your cookbooks¨I do that all the time!


    • Yes! I have some pages of cookbooks that you can hardly see the original printed recipe I’ve written on it so much!

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