Posted by: scootrah | November 2, 2017

Thanksgiving Success Tip

It’s November and Thanksgiving is just around the corner – I couldn’t be more excited! Not only is it my favorite holiday, but it’s my favorite holiday to cook for.

Not everyone feels the same as I do – there’s a lot of pressure on for a meal that’s generally cooked just once a year, and it seems like lots of things can go wrong! I usually post a week-by-week plan to break it down into easy steps, but this year I think I’m going to just stick with one thing in each post and hopefully cover the few things that I think are really key to a great meal and less stress for the cook.

With that in mind….


A dull knife can make a perfectly roasted turkey look terrible when it’s carved, and a less-than-perfect bird look like a disaster. Sharper knives will also help the chopping and slicing for your sides go quicker and look prettier too.  

Check online for knife sharpening services in your area – many hardware stores offer the service and in our area, one grocery store chain’s meat department will sharpen knives at no cost. Remember that the service might take a couple of days, so that’s why I’m suggesting you do it now!



  1. thanks for the reminder, I will ask the butcher at my QFC


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