Posted by: scootrah | November 20, 2017

Thanksgiving TURKEY Success Tip!


If you haven’t already, pull your turkey out of the freezer today – set it in a glass casserole/pan (catch all the drips!) and set it in the refrigerator.

Microwaving your turkey is not a great plan – you can really dry out the breast meat as it will thaw quicker than the dark meat.

If you’re new to roasting a turkey, there is usually a bag with giblets and the neck in the body cavity – don’t forget to remove it! While a lot of cooks think the contents of this bag is “gross”, simmer them with chicken or turkey stock for 30-45 minutes. Now use that stock for gravy or to moisten your dressing – it will add so much flavor! Your cat or dog will enjoy the giblets as their own Thanksgiving treat, and I usually remove the small amount of meat from the neck and add it to my gravy.

If you want to do one more get-ready thing: pull out your table linens to to make sure they’re clean and give them a press – once less thing to take care of on Thursday morning!

Now pour a glass of wine and enjoy the rest of your evening!


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